What’s in MY POT PLANT?

Choose between different options/packages of High CBD, Low THC autoflowering cultivars.

1 x Autoflowering Cannabis seed. (3 seeds if taking the 3 plant special.)

1 x Jiffy pellet. (3 Jiffy x pellets if taking the 3 plant special.)

7L fabric pot/bag (Washable and reusable – 3 x fabric pots if taking the 3 plant special.)

Special soil, specifically for Cannabis plants and packed with all the nutrients needed for MY POT PLANT to thrive.

What to do when you receive MY POT PLANT package.

Step 1: Soak your Cannabis seed in water overnight. This will help speed up the germination process. Be sure not to leave the seeds in the water for more than 24 hours.

Step 2: After your Cannabis seed has been soaking, take the small round disc (included) known as a Jiffy pellet and place it in a small container, plate or lid and water with lukewarm water gently until it expands like below. Use Filtered water or RO3 Reverse Osmosis for future watering. The Ideal pH of your water should be about 6.

Pour lukewarm water on your Jiffy pellet to make it expand.

Step 3: When your Jiffy bag is ready take a matchstick, twig, end of a spoon or use your clean finger and poke a small hole in the middle of the soil in your Jiffy bag, about 1cm deep. Place your Cannabis seed into the hole and cover.

When your Jiffy bag is ready, poke a small hole, 1cm deep and place your seed into it.

Step 4: For the first week, place the Jiffy bag on a windowsill where it doesn’t get harsh direct sunlight. Water when needed, ideally twice daily, morning and night until your plant starts to sprout. Do not overwater. The Jiffy bag must just be wet enough. High humidity is key. If your area isn’t humid enough you can try placing an empty plastic bottle over your Jiffy pellet or plate/lid etc. Poke a few holes for some air to pass through.

Step 5: 1 to 2 weeks after germination or you can see your Cannabis plant is about 3-4cm or its roots are starting to emerge from the Jiffy bag it’s now time to replant this Jiffy bag into its final pot.

Step 6: Place the soil into the fabric pot/bag and water. Remove some soil (keep aside) to make space for your Jiffy bag to fit into then cover with the soil provided or the soil you kept aside. You do not need to remove the cloth or Cannabis seedling when potting the Jiffy bag into the soil. Plant the whole Jiffy bag with your seedling into the 7L pot.

Step 7: Move MY POT PLANT to a sunny spot out of the wind and away from animals. You want your plant to get the most sunlight possible. You can bring it indoors at night if you wish to give it extra care. A small grow tent or greenhouse is also ideal to maximise yield.

MY POT PLANT should now be ready to harvest in about 7-8 weeks.

How do I know when MY POT PLANT is ready to harvest?

After 7-8 weeks from germination MY POT PLANT should be ready for harvest.

The best way to judge is to look at the flower’s Trichomes. And the best way to see these Trichomes is to buy a Jewellers loupe so you can see what colour the Trichomes are.

The beauty of Cannabis Autoflowering strains is the quick harvest time and the ability to yield more Cannabis by planting new plants every second or third week etc.

What are Cannabis Autoflowers? CLICK HERE.

Learn more about Trichomes and other dagga plant anatomy by clicking here.

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